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Welcome to the Summer Term

We hope you all had a lovely Easter and had the chance to catch up with friends and family out and about.

The children have settled back into the school routine and are enjoying being back learning with their friends. This term our Connect Learning Questions  are Rainforests: How can you help save our environment and Forests or caves: Where would you like to live?  This will involve learning about rainforests, animals in their habitats and mountains. The texts we will be using in English support these themes and ideas. We will continue to develop the complexity of our writing across a variety of fiction and non-fiction text types,

We aim to focus on the four operations, and place value including fractions and decimals in Maths to embed children's fluency skills and prepare them for next year with a solid foundation for problem solving and reasoning. 

For more information, please see our termly newsletter below.

Welcome to Spring Term 2021

During the spring term our connected curriculum topic is Ancient Egypt. 

We will be learning about the culture and beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians this includes locating Egypt and understanding the importance of the river Nile to the development of the country, the religious beliefs and beliefs about the afterlife, daily life, hieroglyphics including the important discovery of the Rosetta stone. In the English children will look at a range of Ancient Egyptian myths, The Scarab's Secret book by Christina Balit and also complete a unit on instructions focusing on mummification. This includes the fun activity of mummifying a tomato! 


Maths is focusing on multiplication and division understanding the place value of numbers and the processes of the calculations to move towards using formal written methods. Then using multiplication knowledge to apply to measurement and finding the area before moving on to fractions. 


In Science the children are learning about states of matter solids, liquids and gases and how they can be changed. 


In RE the big question for the term is What kind of world did Jesus want? It looks at different stories from the New Testament they share ideas about what is meant to be a fisher of men, think about what Jesus was trying to teach people or the lessons they can learn from his stories. Then also look at what the world is like now and how it could be changed, what they or others can do for it to become more like the world Jesus wanted. 


The term has started with most of us learning remotely from home and some children still in school. Everyone is trying really hard with their learning wherever they are learning from and show how resilient they can be. As many things are so different at the moment the PSHE is focusing on understanding feelings and emotions, how they can show them, manage them and the importance of sharing feelings to make sure we look after our wellbeing. Linked to all this they will also join by completing activities for the national event during Children's mental health week. 


Welcome to Year 4 - 2020/21


Mrs Payne and Mrs Devall would like to welcome you to Jacaranda Class.


In Maths we follow the White Rose and the Big Maths curriculum, which involves using concrete and pictorial methods to solve fluency calculations, problem solving and reasoning.   


We have regular times tables practice, where we are learning all our tables. We are currently revisiting the 2, 5,10, 3 and 4 and their corresponding division facts.  Please use the App ‘Times Tables Rockstars’ (which all children have individual log ins to, which can be found in their reading records) this will give children regular practice of the times tables and chance to recall them at speed.

Other online games such as ‘Hit the Button’ which can be found on the ‘Topmarks’ website will help the children with the speed of recall in a fun and engaging way.


In English, we are following the Pathways to Write Programme and linking other texts to our Connected Learning topics which include fiction and nonfiction writing. There is a key focus on grammar, spelling and punctuation, we look at specific rules and patterns each week and complete regular spelling tests. In addition, it would benefit the children to be able to spell all of the common exception words for Year 3 and 4.


In reading, the children will be following ‘Accelerated Reader’, which provides them with a ZPD range to choose appropriate ability books to build on their decoding and comprehension skills. More information can be found in the front of their reading record book.


Although there is no formal homework in Year 4, we do have a termly home learning challenge. In addition, we recommend reading daily with your child, for 20 minutes,  and practising the spellings and times tables as this will have an impact on their confidence in lessons.


Due to the current school restrictions please contact the office if you need to arrange a meeting with us or have any questions. The children also have their reading logs which you can write notes in to communicate with us.


Should the school be closed at any point then 'Home Learning' will be provided through the online platform 'Seesaw'.

Login information can be found in the back of children's reading records.


Term 2