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Welcome to the Summer Term.

We hope you are all well and managing to get out in the fresh air as much as possible. Below you will find a variety of ideas for remote learning from your child's teacher. Please use these ideas when you think it is right for your family, don't stress about schoolwork. In September, we can get your children back on track. Right now what we can't do anything about is how your children are feeling. So please share your calm, strength, laughter and love with your children. Your children are exactly where they need to be at the moment.


Please phone the school office if there is anything we can help you with on 01233 614660 or email on 



Dear Parents,

As you know, we are beginning our transition in to remote learning so that our children can continue to have access to education throughout the isolation period. Mr Hobby and I are working together to create beneficial tasks that will be enjoyed as well as educationally beneficial.

You have received initial information about how the school is planning to provide learning for our children so I wanted to say a few words to answer as many questions as possible.

For the time being, ALL remote learning for year 6 will be published on Seesaw. We will use the school website to send updates to parents should anything change; but unless you see an updated addition to the year 6 class wall on the website, assume there is no change to the programme.


The children are very used to using the app/website. They will all have their unique login names which will get them access on any device.

We ask that only educational material is posted on their journal. They will use the app to upload/complete and show their tasks, which teachers will be able to then have a look at and then comment back.

It is not a private messaging service however; children can provide their own feedback to make teachers aware of difficulties and successes.

We will try to give as much instruction as possible to ensure the smooth transition of receiving the instructions to completing the task. It is important to realise that we are very new to this, so please be patient if there are errors along the way.

Your children will be provided with daily Maths and English tasks on top of their usual reading and times tables work.

Spellings will be released weekly. As will our connected learning tasks (sometimes labelled as science).

There will also be an on going home learning task too.

When uploading work/adding responses please remind children to add it to the correct subject folder so it is easier for us to navigate (They know how to do it).

Personal note

During this time, we would like to wish everyone the best of health and we hope you stay safe. We are very sad to see our children leave for an extended amount of time with no certainty that they will be back at any time soon.

We will upload ‘check ins’ on seesaw to communicate a little more informally with the children because we will miss having them around. There will be times of annoyance, frustration and misunderstanding but your children will need your support and guidance throughout this time. We, of course, are here to help in any way possible.

Best wishes,

Team Year 6

Welcome to the Spring Term


This term we will be continuing Crime and punishment as part of our connected learning, bringing our learning into modern times, exploring how the government, laws and judicial system affect the way the country deals with criminals.

In Science we will be investigating electricity. We will be creating circuits to understand how current flows, whilst also being able to find why a circuit may not be working and why. 

We will also be connecting our learning to find out how electricity has been used to assist and develop fighting crime. 

Year 6 Spellings